Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Chaturbate Feedback Option

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Dear Chaturbate Support,

I do not feel that it is in the hands of the users to determine whether or not a model is of quality viewing for others. As we both know, you can never truly please everyone. I also believe that instating a feedback option will fuel drama between models and members. It should be the decision of each sole individual to determine if a room/model is best for them. Reviews/feedback of other models done by members (and possibly other models) will only have negative affects. Chaturbate is already a community able to make the best decisions based on their interests. 

Implementing a feedback feature can negatively impact the income of models. It is an unnecessary added emotional stress. Chaturbate is different from other camsites in ways of not pressuring us or forcing us to compete. Please keep Chaturbate user and model friendly.

As a broadcaster, I can say I already receive enough negative commentary. I do not wish for hateful or displeased members to be able to publicly post their problems for all potential tippers to see. Issues between a tipper and myself are meant to be private. It would be extremely one sided to allow negative comments to be posted about a model. There are two sides to every story.

I realize that you may believe that offering a feedback option would help improve tips and viewers in rooms that deserve attention. I think it is possible but I am more concerned about the negatives than the positives. If in the future a review option is added, I hope that it is 100% in favor of the model and presents no option for negative feedback. I also realize that you may feel the need to guide users away from dishonest cams.

*EDIT* Even if the review system were based on "thumbs up or down" I still wouldn't support it. I believe that the system can be abused and is an unnecessary stress. People should visit the models they like simply because they like them. Judgement on models shouldn't be based off of reviews from people whether they are good or bad ones. We are human and we change. Every day we grow different and that gives us a second, third, and 100th chance to get things right. What I did wrong yesterday should not limit me from perfecting it in the future.

If the reviews were hidden from the public it may be a good tool for models to receive feedback on their shows. I think the model should have all control over the settings of them though. We should be able to make them private, public, on, or off. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Chaturbate TOS Updates

Section 5: Illegal and Prohibited Conduct
d: Overly large sex toys or animal-shaped sex toys may not be used on camera, and objects may not be used as sex toys unless they are typically marketed and sold for that purpose.
I personally believe that the use of animal shaped toys is wrong. You can argue it's just plastic all day long but in the end you are selling the fantasy of beastiality. I also personally believe that it is your human right to do whatever you want with your body as long as you are not harming yourself or others.

However, it is not your right to do as you please within someone else's business. We are "independent contractors" who work on Chaturbate. We use their service to conduct business and they have the right to limit and prohibit what happens there.

You have to understand that the majority of the guidelines in the TOS are based off of possible legal issues. Maybe they have a personal vendetta against large and animal shaped sex toys, but I doubt that. There is also the possibility that enough members/models have complained for them to feel obligated to change the rules. In a business sense, that is smart. They are looking to please the majority of users/models on their site.

I didn't sign up for a fetish site and I don't wish to be a part of one. If Chaturbate were to lean that way I would leave. All models are different and we work on sites based on our interests/morals/niches etc. I respect everyone's kinks even if I disagree.

*edit* I was asked on where I stand about no fisting, overly large toys, etc. Some people feel that it's unfair to control performances that are not illegal, endangering, etc. I stand in the same position I stated before. It is their site and what is performed is their decision. If I owned my own cam site I would run it based off my own interests because it is my site. That is what makes camsites different.

Some allow men and transgenders but some do not. Some do not allow nudity on your profile. Others cater to private shows only. There are sites that will not allow brand names to be shown on cam. My point is that they all have different goals and those goals change. These are simple business strategies that occur worldwide.

One recent change was Vine banning explicit content from their site. I don't like being censored. Nobody does. Sadly, sex workers are a minority that most of society cannot respect/understand yet. Vine had to step in and shut it down. Not everyone will agree with you no matter what you are doing. That is why we build communities on similar interests. Surround yourself with people who have the same beliefs as you, but do not allow yourself to be blind to other ways of life.

The Ban on Public Shows

I haven't seen this confirmed in the TOS yet, but models on twitter are posting screenshots of warnings sent to their emails. They are in the process of banning all public shows. I'm not 100% sure on what this includes but I have seen library cams affected and car shows. Models are wondering if the fake office scenes are to be affected.

I've already stated my position on public shows in a previous blog post. I don't think they are safe for the girls or the people around them. I think the legal issues surrounding these shows may be prompting the response we are seeing from Chaturbate.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dreams #4

First Dream
My ferret Minnie died. I was so heartbroken that I had to find another ferret to replace her. We got a large male that looked almost just like her. But that one ferret turned into 7 more ferrets. Then my house flooded so I left. When I came back I was looking for the ferrets but I had hairless cats instead. Instead of 7 there were hundreds of hairless cats.

There was still water in the house and cats were floating around on furniture. My favorite one was white with a blue stripe down its back. I reached out to pet it and was shocked at how soft it was. I remember talking to it and telling it that it felt like a horse nose or a shaved lamb.

Second Dream
I had a baby and I couldn't hold it up. I would try to pick it up and it was so heavy. Much too heavy for a normal baby. I couldn't remember to feed it and I didn't know to take care of it. So I started breastfeeding and my boobs deflated. They were flat, floppy empty sacks and I cried.

Then the baby turned into a doll baby. I left it in the car and I was really upset until I remembered it wasn't real. I still couldn't take care of it. I would leave it alone to go hang out with my "friends". My friends were some of the people I never even talked to from high school. It was really weird because it seemed like we were all on vacation together.

Then the doll baby was a dildo and I picked it up and cleaned it off. It had fallen in the mud.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Camming In Public

I realize that putting on a public show is exciting and often generates a lot of tips and traffic. However, in my opinion it is extremely inappropriate and dangerous. If you were to keep the cam solely on you, then let it be your own risk. Lately, on Chaturbate, models are showing non-verified users on their cams freely.

I don't understand how a cam can have 3000 viewers and not a single site admin has glanced at the room. Especially when their topic is clearly a public show. You would think that if it were a risky show, they would have more admins keeping an eye on it.

Reasons why you should NOT cam in public:
1. The people you are showing on your cam did not consent. 
2. The people you are showing on your cam could be minors.
3. You could be arrested.
4. You can be charged with public indecency.
5. You could be forced to register as a sex offender.
6. You could be charged with sexual harrassment.

The idea that all your sexual actions in public will be accepted by men or a turn on for them is ridiculous. Some of these men are political figures and professionals. You have no control over who will be in your area at what time. You may even accidentally show a child on cam. Think about where you are camming. A library? A coffee shop? A school campus? Who will be there? There ARE going to be minors. It is disgusting that you can be so selfish to not care about the rights and privacy of others. 

You are well aware that your stream can be recorded and probably will be. That stream is then uploaded to Porn Hub, Redtube, Motherless etc. You have a minor on your cam and you will be facing some serious charges. You also put the site that you work on at risk too. Be considerate to other people including your fellow models. Follow the rules and help keep our cam sites clean and safe. 

Edit: One last thing I want to add is cams that are breaking the rules take traffic and tips away from models who follow them. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Foot Fetishist Rage

AHAHAHA. This guy wins the internet.

"i love how a bitch will be laying there, spread eagle, dildo-ing her gaping asshole, no problem, but as soon as you ask to see their feet, no, that's something you gotta TIP for. fuck THAT. and then you have to deal with everyone in the room crying out about the infestation of "foot guys" who are ruining the site, and how disgusting it is. the userbase and culture are awful. what used to be a nice cam site with young, hot girls, is now a big waste of time and money. 

i've bought tokens TWICE, and both times, got fucked out of them when i spent them. seriously, as a "foot guy", all i'm asking for is to see your feet. i dont want you to suck your toes or anything out of the ordinary. just wanna see 'em. no. unless youre asking for "lemme see your tits/ass/vag/gaping asshole", youre most likely not going to get it. and then youre out ten bucks."

Found this on a forum and had to share :P I will never think of foot requests the same anymore. Those poor poor men. 
p.s I love feety people :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Amazon Wishlist Shutdowns

Amazon is now shutting down quite a few of wishlists created by us camgirls. You may or may not receive this email soon so be warned!


Amazon Wish Lists are intended as a shopping tool for personal use or for gifting between friends and family members. We don't condone the usage of Wish List for inappropriate purposes or with inappropriate content and for this reason we've deleted your Wish List."

Considering Amazon sells adult products and Amazon payments are adult friendly, I don't understand how there can be any misuse. Even accepting gifts or giftcards as "payment" would be within the rules I think. Let's hope they don't ban anyone from using their service. 

The only explanation I can think of is if this response is automated. If too much traffic is driven from a porn site they might auto-delete in order to stop spam or protect people from fraud. I've looked into the terms and see no restrictions for this situation. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

To My Friends and Tippers

If you visit my room and tip often you are free to visit and tip any other room as you please. I can't believe I even have to say this, but it has come to my attention that it may not be the case in other rooms you visit. Lately, I have received many complaints from members getting in trouble for being in or tipping another girls room. 

Now for the opposite. If you frequent my room quite often and do not tip, that's fine. I understand that I cannot be everyones favorite and that is OK. It doesn't hurt my feelings and I promise I am not stalking you in other rooms. I will not be angry with you or jealous. :)

I hope you enjoy your time on Chaturbate! 

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