Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Two Years of Stalking and Abuse

For over a year I have been dealing with the crazed obsession of another model. I cannot get away from them. Not many know that this is even happening to me. I have tried approaching the situation with kindness and reason. I have tried removing them from my life. This model tells lies about me, my family, and my relationship to others. I can no longer stand by silent.

I am posting this in the hopes that the people being lied to will see the truth and the people who care will help me put an end to this. The following images and text are 172 specific events on Twitter that are of harassment and abuse towards me or other models by model Raintree03/@DreamyRainy. That's not all of them either. There are the emails (which hopefully some of you take the time to read) and screencaps of her chat in her room where she abuses me and other models. Screencaps obviously do not include the verbal abuse that is done live on cam.

Besides this, her "ex roomate" has created numerous profiles of me online using my real information. Even though they no longer live together and his account is being used from her computer. So yes, it is her. I have reported this to Chaturbate and I have been battling this for 2 years now. I have been nearly silent for two full years and it's time to show everyone what is happening to me.

The abuse gets progressively worse throughout this post. There are lies about me being raped as a child by my family.
 #2 I have chinchillas and ferrets. Their cages are kept in the corner of the kitchen on the tile so it is easy to clean
 #3 She coaxed people into reporting me and denied it even though I had a screenshot of her doing it and in a later email admits that she was jealous and it got the best of her. I accepted it as a misunderstanding and replied in kindness. Here is a log of the emails


 #7 Gets the exact same pole as me right after I get mine. Not that I care, but proving a point she copies everything I do and then tries to blame me.

This is her attacking me for having the same panties as her that I bought in the mall from Wet Seal and being online at the same time as her on accident. I reasonably defended myself but the argument went nowhere and I blocked her.
 #10 Now she is shocked that I banned her
 #15 I put her name on the automod because she entered my room to continue talking shit about the panties I "copied." When I banned her, the room wouldn't stop talking about it. I didn't want the drama.
 #17 Talking about me showing off outfits on cam which is something I frequently do and is enjoyed
 #18 I have not mentioned or hinted at her since the panty incident yet she has tweeted much hate about me
 #20 I had a special show with balloons for my cammiversary. A few days later she did the same show. She put a picture of my face on a dartboard and threw darts at it.
 #21 More teasing about my 100k success
 #22 Lies that my boyfriend doesn't love me
 #23 Starts making fun of me because my air conditioning went out
 #24 I made a comment about my name being on someone's banlist
 #25 Says she hasn't said a word even though there are months of hate tweets
 #26 Mad that I went to Puerto Rico
 #27 Bullshit about me not loving my pets because I didn't take them to Puerto Rico
 #28 Teasing me for not being 21? No idea
 #29 More hate about my 100k success
 #32 Mad because I was listening to The Weekend which has been on my playlist before they aired on the radio but of course she doesn't know that
 #32 Still no idea what she thinks I am copying
 #34 Apparently wearing sweaters is her thing
 #35 Says my back dimples are ugly and then a few days later starts posting articles about how they're sexy and she wants to exercise to get them
 #38 Still not talking about her but think I am
 #49 Thinks I'm trolling her room. She has my name on her ban list and people have been noticing her tweets. Anyone who tried to defend me was silenced.
 #41 Here's the dart show with the picture of my face on the board and the balloons that were stupid but now suddenly amazing
 #42 Mad I'm playing fruit ninja on cam naked

 #44 Saved this one because when I get my fuck machine she rants off about me being a whore who hates her boyfriend. Keep this tweet in mind.
 #46 I'm an elf for halloween. More hate.
 #47 Still convinced that I am jealous of her
 #48 Has been starting drama for nearly a year now
 #49 Another stab at me not being 21? Who knows...
 #50 Because I tweeted and asked my model friends what their favorite brands were. Everything I tweet is twisted in her mind to be about her.
 #51 Always talking smack on my hair extensions and then she orders some for herself after this tweet
 #52 Assuming that the purchase of my fuck machine is related to my relationship or sex life
 #56 Noting this tweet because she admits she is different and needs to work longer hours but later says I'm a scam because I don't work as many. Then when she has a bad night says how much sense it makes to log out if it's slow.
 #58 Many months later calls me a slut for tweeting about shopping with no panties
 #59 In denial about not hating for a year now
 #60 Making fun of my body
 #62 Weird. Just weird.
 #66 Obsessing over my bra size and making no sense
 #67 More assumptions
 #68 Saying she wished harm would come to me and that it's funny
 #69 Still not trolling or speaking to her
 #71 I spent over two weeks raising money in giftcards for my dream fridge by selling content. During this period she reported me for TOS violation even though I had permission from CB.
 #72 Again, I didn't beg for appliances. I put in a lot of hours and sold a lot of stuff to get what I wanted
 #73 Apparently we have the same cheap Walmart computer chair that the rest of the world has. Heaven forbid.
 #74 She pokes fun at me for being online for 6+ hours when I was working towards my fridge but then later on says I had it given to me from begging.
 #75 The "rob" quote is from a blog I had written when I first started camming. More proof that she reads every little thing I have ever posted.

 #76 Hates on models who don't cam very long and then realizes why some have to log out
 #78 Starts rambling about me being evicted even though I never have been. I went through a legal battle with my apartment complex after they illegally attempted to evict me and towed my car twice.
 #79 Insanely believes that I'm trying to one up her because I decorated my patio and posted a picture
 #82 She actually hunts down my videos and watches them. Some of her mods have posted nasty things on them
 #84 I worked 3 jobs while attending my first year of college. I got sick and had two quit two of them. I quit my last job because my boyfriend and I moved. Again, I was not evicted.
 #85 I don't understand her logic because she is a cam model as well and putting us all down
 #86 I didn't "get away" from my family. My boyfriends job required us to move.
 #88 After hours of disagreeing and being attacked in emails from both of them. I said he was insecure and controlling. Here are the copies of the emails:

This was my first attempt at resolving the situation because I ha grown tired of the lies and attacks.
 #89 Delusional about our email exchange where I try to reason with her and defend myself
 #91 Still obsessing over my fridge
 #94 More hate towards my body
 #95 I don't know anyone who leaves dildos out in front of their family. That doesn't mean I'm ashamed. That means I'm respectful.
 #96 My mailbox broke during a storm. I noticed it while I was camming. Of course she has to comment.
 #97 I do not live in the ghetto. My apartment complex before my current home was in a bad location. We didn't stay long after our legal battle.
 #100 I was featured on Efukt as the most adorable cam model. She makes more means comments.
 #103 Lies about me having STD's
 #104 Because my boyfriend was napping while I was online. Someone asked what he was doing today. If you don't nap together it must be a bad relationship apparently...
 #105 Gets banned because she was off cam
 #106 Of course it's related to me somehow. A technical error on Chaturbate caused my cam to turn on while I was sleeping.
 #107 I am invited to be a part of the Camgirl Documentary in California
 #108 She thinks I am doing porn
 #113 I had a 30 min time slot of filming. A lot of my best friends and fans were there to tip and show support. She's mad I had to leave after all the tips.
 #114 More hate on the documentary
 #116 I defended myself and the documentary and asked her to please leave me alone
 #117 More assumptions that are wrong
 #118 More hate even though I'm not replying
 #119 Someone calls her out for putting down, not only me, but the rest of the women in the film. Her logic is that it's ok because they are talented and I'm not.
 #121 But has spent 1.5 years at this point tweeting about me
 #122 Lies about my relationsip again
 #123 Says she isn't slandering me and that I have harassed her through emails. Copies of the emails are provided via links above in this post. I have contacted her via email once which is linked above. All other emails I have replied to were first sent from her.
 #125 Copies of emails she sent to me randomly
#126 Another email where she still thinks I am trolling her. I'm still not.
 #127 Hate on the documentary again
 #129 Grasping at straws, trying to find anything she can hate on. This is in response to a cute horse picture I retweeted from a popular twitter account that posts cute animal pics daily.
 #130 Makes comments about what my home looks like on the outside even though I have never showed anyone. Small amount of proof that she knows where I live.
 #131 Small amount of proof she knows the location. There are other tweets regarding my location but for my privacy I cannot post them.
 #132 Still believes I have been evicted and that my rent to own lease is proof of that
 #133 Posts a screenshot of a tweet right before I announced that I was NOT evicted
 #134 Still obsessing and lying about me being evicted
 #135 and more
 #136 So hypocritical it's not even funny. Continues to post more about me.
 #139 Starts to hate on Birdy for tweeting about her personal beliefs
 #140 I bought a Couture vibrating wand. Apparently it's a big deal to her. Proving again that she will find anything to hate on.
 #141 In earlier posts on this blog, I linked our first conversation together where I explain that I left MFC because I took a long break (from moving, lack of internet, college, and work) and my camscore dropped.
 #142 More twisted logic from a conversation we had where I said that I understood how she felt when she is compared to someone very successful. I said that people compare me to Birdy but we are different and I accept that.
 #143 Emails she sent to Birdy
 #145 Emails to Birdy
 #146 Emails to Birdy. If I had copies of the ones sent to other girls, I would post them as well. It's not only her that she had emailed or contacted.
 #147 More petty shit about me to hate on even though 90% of her pictures are with the same kind of smile
 #148 Stayed in my room during a password show that I had to end because of personal reasons. I'm a human. Sorry?
 #149 More hypocrisy
 #150 Starts rambling about me copying her because she was a vampire for Halloween last year and I decided to do a show on CB as a vampire. Yes I was a vampire, and so was a million other people.
 #151 More hate about my body
 #152 I made an account on a site called manyvids. It automatically posts a screenshot of your vid with appropriate hashtags for you. Such as #manyvids #sexy #pornstar. You cannot change the hashtags. She then created an account on that site after her shit talking.
 #153 Because I met my boyfriend when I was 16 she makes a comment about it being rape
 #154 Because my boyfriend went out of town for work she implies he is cheating

 #155 Because I'm wearing black. More petty hate.
 #157 Jealousy
 #160 Obsessing over my weight again
 #162 But continues to post about her daily life and sex life even though it's not ok for other
 #163 She calls me a copycat for doing keno when I gave her the idea. I posted the email where I gave her the advice. Then she admits I gave it to her but says she would have figured it out anyway.
 #164 Disgusting lies about me being raped as a child by my family
 #165 Extreme hate
 #166 Asd is a wonderful person and programmer who made the main app she uses in her chatroom.
 #167 Contradictions
 #169 I retweeted an animal abuse awareness ad but of course she twisted it in her mind
 #170 Here she admits that her ex roommate gave out my personal information. Even though "his" account has been in my room within the last week and I have proof she is the one using it. That account has been uploading emails taken out of context between us and other nasty graphics of me.
 #172 When Birdy defends me

******A final and important note, please do not attack the model who is doing this. We are NOT stooping to that level. Be aware of her behavior and warn others. Please do not bring this online into either of our rooms. This is not a battle, this is awareness and a warning to other models/members.****** Protection